Sanjivani College of Engineering, Department of MBA actively participative in bringing positive change in the surrounding areas. Corporate social responsibility helps build trust, raise awareness, and encourage social change in the society.

Faculties as well as student of MBA conduct various activities like tree plantation, cleaning the area which spread the social message to the society. A clean environment campaign was organized on 4 August 2018 with the objective to clean the surrounding area. A clean environment is very necessary to live healthy and peaceful life. The head of the department Dr. Vinod Malkar explained the importance and necessity to clean environment in order to be away from various diseases like Dengue, Malaria etc. Clean environment keep mind as well as body healthy.   

“The key of greener planet is in your hands”

Sanjivani College of Engineering department of MBA has initiated to work for saving the environment and protecting the environment. An activity of tree plantation to plant more and more trees to lead good life Importance of the tree plantation is shared with the students and gives oath to plant the tree as and when possible. Student have spread to message to the family members and relatives.

“Stop Cribbing about Pollution, we created it”

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